Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 2...

I can proudly say that I rounded out Day 1 without cheating or killing anyone.  Win!

Actually, in the evening I have a lot to consume - the soup, shake, and a bar.  The soup is actually pretty good, very creamy and comforting.  By the end of the bowl, I was ready to be finished with it, but at least it is palatable.  So, the only thing I have found that I just have to force down is the strawberry shake.  I guess I will look at it as "medicine," not food.  It's just something I have to do for now.

I woke up this morning to an email from Dr. S. regarding the labwork that he'd done prior to my starting the program.  Surprisingly, everything checked out okay with normal kidney, liver, glucose, electrolytes, thyroid, testosterone, and uric acid levels.  The only thing that was a bit off was my LDL cholesterol, with mine being 155 and the goal being <130.  So, there is room to improve in that department, which I am positive will happen as a result of this program.  Likewise, although my BP isn't diagnosable as "high," it will also be good to see that drop throughout the next few weeks.

I must admit though, I broke my promise to not get on the scale.  It was just too tempting this morning to not jump on, just to have a peek.  I was happy to see that it was down a little bit, but I'm sure that can't be attributed to one day of being on the program.  It's more likely due to weighing naked, versus in jeans and a top! 

Today, I just finished up lunch and so far, so good!


  1. Good luck! You are off to a very good start! You will be amazed at the changes the first week alone. I look forward to reading about your successes, as I am sure they are on the way! :)

  2. Good girl -- look at those strawberry shakes you don't like as "medicine" until they are gone. Banana extract in them might help. And you can use banana in chocolate and vanilla shakes. I recommend the vanilla, though some don't like it. On the LDL cholesterol, mine dropped from 145 to 99 in about three weeks. Unbelievable! You can expect good results. In fact, you start feeling fabulous in general. It's great! You are off to a wonderful start. You go girl! (P.S. I love Anais Nin.)

  3. Thanks, ladies. Wow, Melissa, that is an awesome drop in LDL!!! Congrats!