Friday, June 1, 2012


Here in Richmond there are two great pizza shops, "Bottom's Up" and "Mary Angela's," and right now I would love to have a greasy, cheese pizza from MA's.  Most Friday evenings I would give in and have pizza, but not tonight.  Tonight it is chicken soup from Optifast..

So, instead, I'm reading blogs.  I have found several blogs by folks who are also going through the Optifast program (some links are posted on the right side of this page) and they are a great source of inspiration.  Seeing that other people have gone through this during the first few weeks and managed to get through it gives me hope.  However, their saying that it gets easier and the cravings diminish really gives me hope.  That's because, right now, I'd gnaw off my arm for that pizza!

Thank goodness for the online support, the Optifast facebook page, and a wonderful BF who is understanding and willing to put up with my madness!


  1. You know, I was never overly excited by pizza, but ever since I started Optifast, I go nuts when I smell my husband's pizza! Gratefully, he doesn't eat it too often...but before you know it, you won't really want to eat solid food anymore. Kinda strange how that works, but it's really great! And remember you will have pizza again one day. This isn't forever. You are just taking a break and "de-toxing."

  2. Nice blog! I saw you post on the Facebook page and thought I'd send you a quick message hello. If you'd like to visit my blog, I'm at I love blogging, it really has helped me through the rough spots and celebrating the good ones. I have links to other Optifast bloggers as well on my page.

  3. It does get easier - keep it up! It took over a week for me to start feeling really great on the products (I think most people feel great earlier), but after that, the cravings have been few and far between. Also, I find that seeing a lower number (no matter how much lost) on the scale each week really boosts my resolve and makes it easier to handle whatever food/drink/stress comes my way. you can do it! -Tessa

  4. Thanks, everyone, for your support! I really appreciate the feedback. I just sat through a meeting at work where there were brownies passed around and we had to toast our organization with sparkling grape juice. I got through without any cheats. However, it was hard to pass up the meal from Baker's Crust afterward...but, so far, so good!